Why a Secure Sharps Product Line

Needles are sharp! More than that they are dangerous when not taken seriously and discarded like trash. ECS Cares manufacturers, sells and services secure containers to protect your staff, your patrons and your city. Protecting you is what we do.

Environmental Recycling Solutions

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One phone call and we can provide many services for you.

Doctors have many different types of practices; we have solutions for all of them. Medical waste is a service we provide to every Doctor (sharps, pharmaceutical, amalgam, lead foil), we can also lower your disposal fees by purchasing your medical film. We offer these services Canadian Wide.


You are busy enough, we can manage your medical waste and save you money with our service team.

One service call can handle your sharps and medical waste as well as inspection and changing of your amalgam separators. We can even implement a full package following the p2 regulations in Ontario for amalgam so you don’t have to spend the time dealing with it. If you still have chemicals, not a problem. We offer low disposal rates and you can save on service fees by having 1 company do everything.

Industrial NDT

Aerospace, pipelines and more - we have you covered.

We handle all sizes of chemical containers, including pump outs. Fixer, Oils, Cyanide and more. We will even purchase your Industrial film to help offset your costs. We can provide on­site or off­site treatment of your silver bearing fixer.


ECS Cares has been servicing hospitals since 1969!

We continue to do film purges, file relocation management and silver recovery but we also can provide services for your non­anatomical medical waste. ECS Cares about image and the identity of your patients. We provide paper shredding with a NAID approved shredder, equipment recall and equipment destruction


Like you, we are familiar with traditional printing.

We offer chemical disposal and chemical safety gear. We will offset your invoice by purchasing your litho films and plates. We also provide and service CTP Waste Equipment.

Property Management

Reduce the trucks going into your parking lot, we can co­ordinate all your tenants medical waste for a single collection date!

We can accommodate all sizes of buildings with single or multiple medical waste storage units. We can also install and service our aesthetically pleasing sharps containers in your public washrooms from our Secure Sharps product line.


One phone call can simplify your waste needs and save you money!

We have been providing service to Vets since the 80’s for silver recovery and more recently we began collecting medical waste (non­anatomical). Using 1 company can save money and reduce distractions. We offer multiple container choices for Sharps, Rx and even have foot­pedal medical waste bins.

Public Areas

The broken window theory exists in public areas and we know that well­designed Secure Sharps and Needle containers create better behaviours.

This is why ECS Cares passionately about installing and servicing our Secure Sharps containers in as many public spaces as possible. Our containers offer various levels of protection while always looking great.

Needle Exchange

Providing solutions to help those that help others is what we do. We also reduce your paperwork!

Currently the only company licensed in Ontario that can collect your publicly collected sharps containers without the use of a manifest. This is a huge time­saver and cost savings. Our service team can provide reliable service on pre­set scheduling to suit your needs. We also offer an exceptional range of containers in large quantity to suit all your needs.


We can purge out your old medical films out and give you back some space

ECS Cares has processed more than 35 million films since 1969 and can manage your remaining film to free up space. Our team is quick and diligent in sorting, purging and removing your films. We comply with proper retention criteria and PHIPA requirements. NAID approved paper shredding and complete identity protection. We can even store your remaining films for you.

Customer Service.


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Our team is ready to help you with specialized environmental recycling programs and services with the highest level of safety and confidence.

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