Film Recycling and Storage

Do you still have a room of X-Ray medical records? Our team will come and purge your files based upon your criteria and give you back your space. We shred all of the paper records and wipe all the information from the X-Ray during the wash process. We can also store and pull records for you, so you can have the entire room back!

Film Purges

An ECS Cares Team will sort your medical files on your site and purge all available files. We are bondable, detailed and efficient.

Film Recycling

Several film washing options available. The most popular film types to be paid upon receipt of film are X-ray, Industrial, Litho and C-41.

Film Storage

Our secure facility can store your records and our efficient filing system can pull your records upon request. Reclaim your space.

Need help with Film Recycling or Storage?

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