Product Reclamation

ECS Cares has a professional and efficient team that can provide all the logistics, removal of products and provide either a give back option or final and complete destruction.

Product Reclamation

We prefer to help those in need but when that is not an option, we ensure that all products and materials will be incinerated through a waste to energy program.

Our trucks and facility can handle Dry Consumer Goods, Appliances, Toys and Most Hazardous Materials. Our staff are trained to be accurate and accountable and we will ensure you are aware of the entire process from our team arriving at your location to the removal of the products to the end result.

Supporting our Communities

ECS Cares understands the importance of building your brand and when opportunities arise we provide options to give back to the community. When occasions arise, we will offer a give back program on certain consumer products that are deemed unsaleable for a variety of reasons but meet the requirements for charitable organizations.

  • Shelved food, diapers or clothing with damaged or misprinted packaging
  • Shelved food, diapers or clothing being removed from a store due to renovation, closure or restructuring