Paper Shredding

Paper shredders are great, BUT, they are noisy, costly AND your files are in a recycle bin, they still are not SECURE. We provide secure consoles for your office and we come to shred your papers. If papers you have or print fall into the wrong hands, could they do harm to others or your business?

Paper Shredding

  • A draft contract
  • Business minutes
  • Price Lists
  • Accounting or Financial Information
  • Client or Staff Information

Our service is much more efficient than work station consumer shredders. They can be noisy, messy and disruptive in a workplace, but more importantly, they are time consuming. We recommend removing work station recycling bins and using our secure consoles in your workplace. Eliminating the choice of what is sensitive and what is not provides 100% security.

Limit your Liability

Putting your papers in a recycle bin does not destroy it. It may contain information that makes you liable under the PIPED Act, or it may have sensitive information about your business, your clients business, or your employees. All of this could make you and your company liable.

We offer secure consoles that can be placed near a central printer, in an accountants office, etc. This way, you and your team can insert all sizes of papers into it. Our pre-arranged service team will come and replace the console bags and ensure complete shredding of all your documents.

Certificate of Destruction may be provided for equipment upon request.