Destruction and Recycling Services

Why shred your papers or media when you could just recycle it? Imagine if someone, somewhere, took your papers or media from the recycling bins.

Would they know your corporate secrets, plans, clients, employee information, or banking details? What if it was recalled products or packaging that you put into your garbage bins. Could someone take this and try to misrepresent your company? We shred everything first, then recycle second. Protecting your information is our primary concern.

Product Destruction

ECS Cares specializes in completely dismantling your proprietary equipment. We grind, separate, sort, report and shred.

Product Reclamation

We have a professional team that can provide all the logistics, removal of products and provide either a give back option or final waste to energy process

Paper Shredding

We offer consoles to make it easier for your team to put sensitive papers into a secure place for shredding. Our service team will replace the paper bags.

Media Shredding

Media shredding for complete privacy and security. Hard drives, CD’s, Tapes, Thumb Drives…


We will recycle and dispose of your aluminum plates (known as litho sheets), alkaline, lithium and lead batteries as well as your lights, lamps and tubes.

Need help with Destruction Services?

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