Our Mission

ECS Cares Incorporated strives to be the most accountable professional recovery and waste solutions company within Canada.  Through a team effort and the character of our leaders, we will diversify into other markets and secure our path with the strengths that our foundation is built upon.  ECS Cares will show its clients that we do truly care.

ECS Cares has been serving the Healthcare and Manufacturing industry with exceptional customer service and innovative technologies for more than 45 years. Specializing in medical waste, chemical waste management and film recycling, we are committed to providing cost effective programs to cover each industry’s unique needs to look after their waste streams.  If you have a waste stream, we can help!

ECS is your one stop solution to help you recycle and manage your waste properly.  One thing you will find unique about ECS is our positive reputation and personal approach. The relationship we have with our clients is a partnership in which we bring our experience and knowledge to meet your expectations. Whether you are an existing customer or a new customer, we really do care!

It is with this team effort that we continue to succeed and provide exceptional service and products for a responsible price.

To find out more about ECS Cares you can view our website, watch a short video, fill out a request form and of course contact us.  We’d be happy to talk to you and help you through your transition as you search for the right environmental company to look after your waste.  We look forward to meeting you and working with you!

Accomplishments to date

  • In almost a half century, we’ve continued to adapt to new technologies, environmental regulations and the competitiveness of commerce today
  • Expansion of our Secure Sharps product line with Public Needle Containers
  • Over 1500 silver recovery units built
  • Over 40 million medical files recycled
  • Over 5 million single use cameras recycled
  • Over 100,000 lbs of medical xray film sorted and removed within 5 days at 1 hospital
  • Liquid waste treated is in the Millions of litres
  • MOE licensed for over 30 different waste classes, including sharps, pharmaceutical and amalgam waste
  • Clients from the 1970’s are still happy with our service
  • Over 3500 clients coast to coast
  • Being Diversified!  Specializing in Waste Management in many different industries.


Hear from our happy customers

“I have been using ECS Cares for sharps disposal in my dental office for several years. The customer service has been outstanding with local representation by John Charry and the cost of the service very competitive. (Thunder Bay Office)”

Dr. Gerald M Smith

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you! Working with you [Sam Gray] has been wonderful and so easy. We really appreciate it and are looking forward to continue working together for our chemical waste needs.”


“I stopped by ECS Cares to pick up sharps disposal supplies and the staff there was very friendly and professional. I was given an impromptu tour of the facility and an explanation as to their processes and services. Got my sharps supplies and will be dropping off old x-ray film for secure, confidential recycling in the near future. Great people, great service and the best part for me as a low volume sharps producer, was that I get to use the sharps disposal boxes until they are filled. The pick up of my sharps happens when I call, not based on an arbitrary schedule. Much more convenient and cost effective.”

Dr. Jason Baird
Beeton Chiropractic Wellness Centre

“I’ve dealt with John Charry at ECS Ltd for almost twenty years. He was instrumental in setting up the silver recovery program in the Medical Imaging department by reclaiming the silver from the used fixer and later in purging x-ray films from the library. His expertise as an MRT, his boundless energy and cherry attitude are his greatest assets.”

Terry Tang Poy
Operations Leader Quality Control Medical Imaging
St. Michael’s Hospital

“This vendor may be one you want to work with for film purging … They do about 84 of the CML sites. They are reputable and reliable.”

Kent Wentzell, SVP
CML Healthcare Inc.

“I have worked with the ECS Team for over 20 years. Their qualified personnel includes a medical radiation technologist with Quality Control qualifications and extensive experience in all aspects of Radiology. This expertise is evident in responding to all issues and developing a cost effective program for individual hospitals ensuring environmental compliance.”

Ellen Charkot M.R.T. (R.), BHA.
Director of Diagnostics

“I would like to thank you and your ECS Team for an excellent job. I am truly impressed at how quickly you completed our on site Film Purge. Your attention to detail and hard work was truly evident.”

Jeff Kerk, BSc MRT(t) PMP
Huron Perth Healthcare

“I am writing to commend Don at your BC office for his excellent customer service. Our interaction was polite and efficient. I am delighted with my ECS experience and will call again when it is time for another x-ray purge.”

Dr. Steven Benson
British Columbia

Company History

45+ years of service


Originally beginning in a small shop in Toronto, this family business has existed for almost a half century, pioneering the industry in so many ways. Being involved in silver recovery, film recycling and chemical waste management for over 48 years, we have continued to triumph through industry changes and diversify our business towards medical waste management which allows us to continue to service the healthcare and manufacturing industries.

The Beginning

In the mid 60’s, while working at a Toronto photo lab, Ralph McDonell original founder of Environmental Control Systems, quickly noticed that the waste photo chemicals that he was working with were going down the drain, and they contained silver. With a background in chemistry, an idea became reality, when he built his first electrolytic silver recovery unit.


With an average silver price of $1.69/oz, Ralph ventured out on his own and started Maranatha Co. Ltd. He started the business by picking up different photo chemicals from printers and photo labs in his Mustang convertible and desilvering these solutions on-site at his warehouse in Toronto.


Throughout the 70’s, he further expanded by processing expired medical xray film and graphic litho film. He also established a complete custom line of electrolytic silver recovery equipment.


Silver price hit an all-time high of $50.00/oz in January 1980. The market was very volatile especially in the early 80’s. Ralph decided to downsize and eventually sold Maranatha Co. Ltd. Staying part-time in the business, he kept a good number of clients and territory which he continued to service. The silver price closed at $5.50/oz at the end of this decade.

In the late 80’s Ralph continued to use word of mouth as he expanded his circle of business clients once again renaming and branding the name Environmental Control Systems (ECS). Two of his sons Ken and Michael began to get involved in the business.


This was a decade of huge progression and growth. Ken and Michael helped with this growth and establish the business by expanding throughout Canada into various markets. By the mid 90’s, ECS had its own manufacturing facility for silver recovery equipment, the Ecolution Product Line. An R&D department was created with a plastic welding team, film and paper processing plant, and an in-house silver refinery.

In our peak times we were processing more than 60,000 lbs of expired photo paper and film weekly. Several offices were opened to facilitate our continued growth as we serviced more than 1,000 photo labs across Canada. Our business focus in the 90’s was silver recovery and chemical disposal; of which we serviced the healthcare, photo, printing and manufacturing industries. The silver market in 1990’s fluctuated as low as $3.60’s/oz to a high of $7.80/oz.


ECS launched our first website. Our domain name was www.ecs-cares.com.


ECS launched an extremely successful product return program for single use disposable cameras. This program helped complement our silver recovery service as we collected and recycled more than 5 million cameras from photo labs across Canada and the USA over the next 8 years.


ECS continued to amend our C of A license with the Ministry of Environment to accommodate for the demand and growth.


ECS remained strong in the imaging industry while seeing some of the biggest changes in Digital Technology in the 2nd part of this decade. The original iPhone was released in 2007 with its own digital camera – this changed the way people viewed pictures. Healthcare started to use digital xrays and printers started to process their images from computer to plate. Since silver recovery was our business, these industries eliminating film processors – helped advance our forward thinking.


Moved Head Quarters to 47 Churchill Drive, Barrie, ON


Received amended C of A license with the Ministry of Environment to include managing and transporting Bio-Medical Waste 312P. This was the beginning of a restructuring plan for ECS, as we continued to see a decline in the photo and imaging industry. A stronger focus was being placed on the healthcare industry as we began to manage more onsite xray film purges and offer medical waste management services to dental, veterinary and medical clinics.


The original founder, Ralph – retired and sold the business to Ken and Michael McDonell. With 23 years of experience, Ken and Michael would help take ECS to the next level. The company name was changed to ECS Cares Incorporated to better align with our marketing and new direction of medical waste management.


Began manufacturing again. Introducing our Secure Sharps product line of Public Needle Safety containers.


A new website that provides a rich e-commerce experience.  Plus a new sharps product line that includes a harm reduction series of containers.