Product Destruction

ECS Cares specializes in completely dismantling your proprietary equipment. We fully grind off serial numbers, strip motors, wires, remove batteries, laser units, and shred packaging. Only when it is rendered completely useless is it recycled.

Why Destroy Products?

If products you make or control fall into the wrong hands, could they do harm to others or your business.

  • An out of date product may be a health or safety risk.
  • Protect your brand and corporate identity
  • Equipment may be sold to ‘gray markets’

These are just a few scenarios why ECS Cares destroys, dismantles, and shreds the material we are sent. Our process is detailed and professional, we will cater to your needs of accountability; this may be by recording serial numbers, providing photos of before, during and after, arranging for your staff to view the final stage and more.

Limit your Liability

Throwing a product or packaging in the trash does not destroy it. It may contain information that makes you liable under the PIPED Act, or it may have packaging that a person could use to sell an inferior product, making you liable. What if it was defective safety equipment? A harness or helmet. If someone removed it from the dumpster or yard and used it or resold it, your company would be liable.

All medical equipment requires a letter of decontamination and a form to be completed prior to receipt.

Certificate of Destruction may be provided for equipment upon request.