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The QuickSIlver filter line is the leading silver recovery column on the market today. With its 3 stage core design (2-stage for QS#4), these filters will handle flow rates as low as 30 ml/min to as high as 120 ml/min and up to 800 gallons (silver content will effect total volume). ECS Cares recommends all filters be changed annually when volume does not reach capacity.

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The QuickSilver line of filters are available in 4 sizes for all volumes. As small as the #4 to as large as the #9. They will work with black and white fixer and bleach fixer. The smaller sizes will work with a metered gravity system but all the filters are most effective with an adjustable metering pump as found in the Ecolution line of units. Handles are built into the filters to make handling easier.

These cartridges are unique because of its triple stage process and desilvering method. They are constructed by sandwiching a layer a chopped steel wool between two tightly packed spools of wound steel wool forming the triple stage process. The first stage collects the majority of the silver in the bottom of the canister, while the second stage is designed to capture the balance of the silver.The third and final stage ensures compliance as well as acting as a final filter, trapping some emulsions and particulate matter. Cartridge channeling is greatly minimized with this type of process. This results with less iron entering the drain, while maximizing your silver yield.

The dark gray in colour keeps the filters looking clean and the handles allow for easy handling.

  • HDPE molded one-piece design for leak proof processing
  • Disposable one time use design
  • Spin welded fittings and cross-link welding
  • Low silver discharge

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