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Film Recycling Services

Xray & Xray with Envelope Confidental Destruction & Silver Recovery

All film material is sorted and weighed to provide us with an actual paper vs film weight ratio. All paper envelopes and reports, etc. are shredded and recycled. On average, the paper vs film weight ratio is 50% film and 50% paper. In some cases, older xray film and some industrial xray film files may generate a higher film vs paper ratio.

ECS Letter of DestructionAt your request, ECS will provide a letter (or certificate) of destruction for the material we receive. ECS delivers the highest standard of security as we personally manage your xray & files from the time of pick-up to their destruction and maintain accurate reporting every step of the way.

Payment For Xray FilmBecause ECS is also a silver refiner we are able to offer competitive compensation for your film material. The value is from the silver content in the film which varies in different film types and fluctuates with the market price of silver. We would be happy to price your film for you today by calling: 800.263.1857.

Xray DrumECS conveniently provides you the containers you need to store your purged xray films. Once the containers are full, we will pick them up and be sure to replace them. If you need more containers just ask and we will be happy to provide as many as you need! ECS also has large gaylord boxes for larger film purges typically used in hospitals and industrial locations.