Environmental Control Systems

ECS Cares (Environmental Control Systems)

Silver Recovery , Film Purging/ Recycling, Chemical Audits, Sharps Disposal,  Medical & Dental Waste in Canada

ECS Cares creates specialized environmental recycling programs and services for the unique needs of almost every business environment; from photofinishing, commercial printing, manufacturing, diagnostic imaging, dentists, veterinarians, medical offices and various other health care industries.

We can help you minimize your environmental impact without maximizing your budget! Providing recycling and hazardous waste management solutions that include silver recovery, film purging/recycling, chemical audits, dental waste & sharps disposal, throughout Canada (including cities like Toronto(Ontario), Calgary(Alberta), Vancouver(BC), Delta(BC), Winnipeg(Manitoba)) and the United States since 1969. We are your one stop solution to help you recycle your hazardous waste properly.

 "I am writing to commend Don at your Delta, BC office for his excellent customer service. Our interaction was polite and efficient. I am delighted with my ECS experience and will call again when it is time for another x-ray purge. If you wish, you may use my name in promotional advertising to Chiropractors in the area. Best regards, ~ Dr. Steven Benson"

Sharps Disposal ContainersSharps Disposal
On Demand OR Monthly!

Facilities that typically pay for standard monthly or quarterly sharps collection can now realize greater value by replacing their current sharps disposal service with our “as needed” sharps disposal program! Pay for the sharps disposal service you need…when you need it, with no hidden costs!

Every dentist, veterinarian and healthcare facility knows that proper disposal of regulated medical waste is an essential part of any infection control program.

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Medical Waste Disposal Chemical Audits & Chemical Disposal
ECS provides audit, transportation and disposal of chemical waste and all Hazardous & Bio-Medical Waste. If needed we supply of a variety of WHMIS labeled containers: chemical jugs, drums & totes. We will walk you through all MOE Manifest documentation and can manage your HWIN responsibilities. All of our drivers are qualified and trained technicians with TDGA. Leverage our 40+ Years of experience and get outstanding service, responsible treatment and the best prices available for chemical audit & chemical disposal.

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X ray DisposalFilm Xray Purging
Large or Small!

Whether you are looking for help taking the films off the shelves or just need us to haul it away for confidential destruction we are here to accommodate. Our bonded team of service professionals for film purging will help you remove the films fast so that you can get back to your daily operations with seamless disruption. Or you may consider purging the shelves yourself. To help, we will be happy to deliver all the containers you need to get the job done.

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